Intenext Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Abhinav Das

Founder & Managing Director

Architecting Bihar's Digital Future

Leading Beyond Boundaries

In a world where metropolitan cities often steal the limelight for technological advancements, Abhinav Das embarked on a different journey. His belief in the potential of his hometown, Patna, to thrive in the tech industry led him on an obsessive journey to entrepreneurship.

For Abhinav, being a leader in his field wasn't just about personal success—it was about paving the way for others in his community. He saw an opportunity to provide top-quality internet solutions to the people of Bihar at more affordable rates than those offered in big cities.

His journey wasn't without challenges, but Abhinav's relentless pursuit of excellence kept him focused. From pioneering the E-office File tracking system in Bihar government offices to advocating for a paperless work culture, his company, Intenext, played a pivotal role in the state's technological growth.

In the past decade, Patna has undergone a remarkable transformation, embracing technology and computerization. What was once a city skeptical of IT advancements now boasts IT-driven election campaigns and government initiatives. Abhinav and his team have become the unsung heroes behind Bihar's tech revolution, driving the state's aspirations towards a brighter, tech-enabled future.

Obsessive Journey to Entrepreneurship …

Abhinav Das didn’t just dream of success in the tech industry—he redefined it. While many focused on metropolitan markets, Abhinav saw potential beyond city limits. His quest for client satisfaction took him to small towns and villages, where he found true fulfillment in making a difference.

After climbing the ranks in a Delhi-based IT consulting firm, Abhinav faced a pivotal moment. Despite the security of a prestigious position, he chose to take a leap of faith and start his own company, Intenext Solutions Pvt., in 2013. Armed with a small but energetic team, he embarked on a journey filled with challenges and skepticism.

But Abhinav’s determination and the quality of his work soon spoke for themselves. From knocking on office doors to earning the trust of clients, he proved that age and experience were no barriers to success. Today, Intenext boasts a team of over 50 members and counts both local businesses and national players among its clients.

The results speak volumes: a thriving business, a trusted brand, and a team dedicated to excellence. Abhinav’s decision to become an entrepreneur in Bihar, a state facing unique challenges, deserves recognition and encouragement. As he continues to push boundaries and exceed expectations, his journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.